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Cerebral Palsy Positive's  green & burgundy logo with the letters C & P bolded in green.
Encourage, Educate, Empower
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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Transportation & Telehealth

Our Mission

Cerebral Palsy Positive's mission is to encourage, educate and empower people with cerebral palsy by helping to narrow the unjust healthcare gap between pediatrics and adulthood.  In the U.S., adults living with cerebral palsy outnumber children, but adult healthcare is severely lacking.  As a result, the majority of the more than 1M people with CP in the U.S. are being robbed of a productive life because they cannot find or get to  practitioners who treat adults.

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Changing the Narrative of Living with Cerebral Palsy

 Embracing a Positive Viewpoint, Novel Treatments & Reimagined Outcomes

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Our Vision

Through a network of funding providers, we work to provide funds to supplement medical transportation costs and telehealth copays while sharing information about the coexistence of aging and Cerebral Palsy.   We encourage and empower by highlighting achievements of those living with CP.