The Founder of Cerebral Palsy Positive


Cerebral Palsy Positive’s mission is to provide access to resources that focus on treatment options, aging while living with CP, and encouragement.  Encouragement that illuminates ABILITY vs “dis.”


We believe that for those challenged by CP to live their best possible lives, changes have to be made in the way the condition is viewed.  Instead of being considered a “pediatric condition, a more accurate term is “congenital lifespan” condition. 


Our contribution to this transformation is to supplement treatment center transportation costs and copays for telehealth visits.  The other areas of life we highlight are Fitness, Education, Employment, and Financial Independence.

Globally, over 17 Million people have Cerebral Palsy.


Our 2021 Focus

Cerebral Palsy Positive’s focus is to raise funds for    transportation to those that need treatment for CP.  We will be assisting to access of knowledgeable treatment and seeking/getting to health services.


We know that many cannot afford to seek treatment and our focus in 2021 is to provide knowledge  and access to treatments.

4 Ways to Make an IMPACT

Transportation - Access

Your impact will assist

individuals to receive treatment.

Night Train

" I cannot afford my Co-Pay and transportation for treatment."

One treatment


Give $50.00 towards access to treatment.

Share The Message


Tell those that have CP that we have Centers of Excellence. 

Give $100.00 for one month of visits. 



Write down that you have made a difference today and  donated toward six months of treatments.


and strength


Supporting treatment for 

one year and know your hand lifted others.


It takes Perseverance to Prevail

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