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Cerebral Palsy Positive's Founder.  A smiling African American woman with brown hair and eyes.

The Founder of Cerebral Palsy Positive

Cerebral Palsy Positive was originally launched as an informational site out of frustration at the lack of medical knowledge beyond pediatrics.  When things began changing over a decade ago, K wanted/needed answers!  Although information was scarce, she persevered, posting anything that would encourage or educate people challenged with CP.  With the majority of human life being BEYOND the pediatric realm, it’s illogical that, until recently, studies concluded with “more research needs to be done” in regard to the adult population.  The adult population outnumbers the pediatric population at this point and will continue to grow.  According to the CPARF, in the US, a baby is born every hour with CP.


Post-pediatric life is a learn as you live process.  Adults challenged with cerebral palsy are being robbed of a productive life because they cannot find or get to practitioners, who treat adults.  This absence of treatment creates an unjust healthcare gap between pediatrics and adulthood.  To help narrow this gap, Cerebral Palsy Positive supplements transportation costs or pays telehealth copays for clients to access treatment at one of the centers across the country that treat adults.     


Ensuring people with CP live full, healthy lives will lead to an economic boost.  The healthier we are, we can contribute to society, pay taxes, and be less dependent on benefits.

Globally, over 17 Million people have Cerebral Palsy.

Our Mission

Our Focus

Cerebral Palsy Positive focuses on narrowing the healthcare gap experienced between pediatrics and adulthood in the cerebral palsy community by supplementing access costs.  Thus, enabling everyone living with CP the opportunity to obtain  lifespan healthcare.

2 Ways to Make an IMPACT

Transportation - Telehealth

Your impact will contribute to CP Warriors living their BEST LIFE.


Encourage, Educate, Empower

Night Train

" I cannot afford transportation/my copay for treatment."


Give $80.00 towards access to treatment.

Share The Message

Tell those that have CP that we have Centers of Excellence. 



Post that you have made a difference today and donated to help six people.

and strength


12 visits and know your hand lifted others.

Man sitting in wheelchair smiling and waving to camera with 35mm in other hand.

It takes Perseverance to Prevail

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